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One Bucket At A Time!

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Thank you for your interest in this amazing effort! Across the country, millions of children are facing difficult challenges. From the 6 million who are admitted to hospitals each year to the 1.7 million who experience homelessness, there are children in need in every corner of our country. By volunteering or contributing to Buckets of Love, you are helping us to bring a little bit of cheer to children who need it most, One Bucket at a Time.

With Buckets of Love, as with any other volunteer organization, volunteering is about giving, and helping others within your community by making meaningful contributions. At BOL we realize that at its core, volunteering is a combination of helpful acts that help to bind communities together. Volunteering also helps to build skills such as communication, confidence, responsibility and teamwork that will be useful in the future. Most importantly, volunteers gain personal satisfaction in the knowledge that they have helped someone in need.

So how do you volunteer with BOL?

If you reside within the State of Delaware, you are eligible to become a Buckets of Love Ambassador! BOL Ambassadors work closely with BOL headquarters with fundraising, bucket packing & distribution within our local community.

Don't live in Delaware? That's fine too! You can Activate Buckets of Love within your community! There are individuals and groups across the country who we have worked with to complete the process and donate Buckets of Love throughout their community.

To request more information - Please contact us today!

Photo by Diane Bondar/Invision for Jefferson Awards Foundation/APImages